Thursday, June 30

The weather satire

There's a saying I've been told this is something like: if you don't have anything to talk about, talk about the weather.

Have you all heard that one? It's pretty common.

But I immediately think that there's always gotta be SOMETHING I can talk about with someone else...any time to chat is a chance to get to know each invest.

So whenever people in a closer sphere of contact (but still acquaintances) bring up the weather, it always makes me cringe. Honestly, it makes me feel like they don't care about me so they are just trying to pass time by talking about the weather. So I cringe, inwardly, of course. Really??? Not how's your weekend? Do anything fun? How is your job? Anything new happening? You want to talk about the weather?? Go online and look it up!

Thankfully I don't blast the people with my mental tirade but I calmly answer their question by giving them a (stupid, pointless, no-one-cares) weather report. But I often refuse to reciprocate the question because as I just mentioned, NO ONE CARES!!!

Okay, okay, I will quickly admit that there are times when the weather is definitely worth mentioning. Like how we had over 40 days without sun...or the year we got snow in May!...or beautiful sunrises or rainbows...or whatever. That may definitely be worth mentioning...

Maybe I'm being too hard.
Maybe people really do care about weather.
Maybe I should be more gracious...because they at least care to ask about the weather rather than just sitting mute and not saying a word.

In that case, the sky is overcast and grey. It's not raining but might sprinkle a bit later. It's about 62 degrees F and apparently we are supposed to get up into the mid-70's, with sun, and occasional rain breaks, for the next 7 days!!! Isn't that exciting!?!

The moral of the story: Please oh please, don't ask me about the weather. If you don't know what to say to me, talk about coffee or some great dish you've eaten or made.

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