Friday, April 15

An idea.

One of my faults, I'd say, is that I tend to obsess over things. I'm a bit of a dreamer and have little clue of where or how God wants to use me so I tend to think of a good idea and then chew on it until I'm just about convinced that it's God's will for my life. Then the whole time, I'm wondering if this is really my idea that I'm asking God to bless or rather a God-inspired idea. Round and round it goes in my head until I'm nearly sick of the idea myself. Then somehow, I get distracted (probably onto the next idea).

I have this thought currently floating in my head, which feels right but makes no sense (logistically and financially). I'm worried again that this is me asking God to bless my plans rather than being from God. I'm not going to share it just yet, in case this ends up being a passing whim. But the fact that it "feels right" makes me want to move forward believing this is from God...which is a bit exciting. You know those Bible stories where God told people to do crazy things which made no sense...I feel that this idea falls into this category. People won't understand and may even try to dissuade me.

I know this is like telling someone they have a secret but then not sharing.
Sorry. Maybe one day!


My name is Cait said...

yes it is an awesome idea to move to Australia. am i close??

Moe said...

I prefer to be one of those people who have ideas than those who have none. Keep dreaming, keep brainstorming. One will come to you that will wrap around your heart and God will move to make it happen. When it does... I want to read about it.

Mindy said... guessed it! J/K That would be cool though. Maybe one day.

Moe, I think having dreams are important. Thankfully (and surprisingly), the few I've told have been very supported. Now to run this by the family...