Tuesday, March 15

A prophet and a people

There once was this man who had a special relationship with God.
God would talk, the man would hear.
Until one day the man heard a message that repulsed him.
He loved God but just didn't like what God was saying...what God was asking.
So he turned his back toward God.
He dug in his heels, like a stubborn child.
He fled, trying to hide, as if one could hide from God.
Maturity to immaturity in seconds.
But wither he went, God was there.
And the man knew it.

He saw God in the storm.
And he saw God in the beast.
Finally, while held captive and finally heading the right direction
he humbled his heart and agreed to do what God asked.
So he went to speak those who were awful
to put himself into the "lions dens", people who neither knew or feared God
And he shared God's message.

With a sinking realization and a growing resentment
the man watched the people hear the message.
He watched as they too repented to God
changing their ways, and bowing in worship.
Instead of the impending destruction that he hoped for
Grace and Forgiveness abounded
Where death was imminent
Life prevailed.
And the man hated it.

So what happened next?
We don't know. The story ends here, for now.
Did this man and God continue to have a special relationship?
Did the man finally come to accept God's decision?
Is this just one flawed moment in the midst of many God-honoring moments?
Or did this story change things between God and the man?

A story of reconciliation
has the bad people drawing close to God
and has the good person stepping away.
A story of promise
that regardless of what you've done
or how far away from God you are
Grace and Forgiveness is yours
if you but ask.

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