Friday, March 11


I'm applying for this job...whose application is a combined total of 12 pages. This doesn't include the references which is a total of another 10 pages. I think this may be the longest application. Needless to say, as I am working full time and trying to wrap up a thesis paper that is due March 25, I don't have lots of extra time to complete this I've been doing a few questions a day. I'm making progress.

In the meanwhile, my friends who are moving to Mexico want me to pursue their same ministry...potentially to even work with them, which would be delightful! As I am genuinely interested in learning if I am "qualified" or if this ministry has potential for a person like me, I'm also checking into this too.

I feel like singing a Mindy-related song:
oh where, oh where, will this girl end up?
oh where, oh where, will she be?
in this state, this country or somewhere else?
oh where, oh where, will she be?

On a different note, I had a fun little John Grisham-esque investigation yesterday. This one pecan company that we oh-so-briefly worked with, owes my company $4000. Well, I've been pestering my contact about payment...he kept putting me off saying his owner needs to write the check and that he would connect with the owner. (I believe this contact is genuine!) However, the last I heard from him was Dec. I've emailed once a month since and he hasn't written I started to wonder if this pecan company was no more. So yesterday, I called every single phone number I could find and they were either disconnected or the call could not go through. So then I typed the company name into a search engine and found the owner's name and their CPA's name (I guess the CPA's name has to be filed for any business least in TX.) So then I did a search on the owner who also has one other company...again, none of the phone numbers work. So then I went after the CPA...guess what? Out of business...not only that but his license was revoked back in 1998! I think this is when I started laughing. I ended up calling the state of Texas...the department that issues business licenses...and all they could tell me is that it shows in their system as a still-valid company "in good standing" but she had no phone number for them. Then my boss wanted me to see if I could find my original contact's home phone number. No such luck...not that I blame him for the dud companies he's worked for. Anyhow, I told my boss that I'm pretty certain we are out the $4000 unless he wants to send them to collections or file a lawsuit...which will probably cost our company at least that much money. This ended up being a fun little addition to my day.

Lent...I have not normally observed Lent. It's not something my church promotes, encourages or even talks about really. But this year, I found a devotional that someone put together and so I decided to go for it. I removing a couple distractions and adding some designated prayer time. Three days far so good. I think this will be a good experience, emotionally and spiritually.

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