Friday, March 18

Life is a bit chaotic.

Next Friday, I leave on vacation for two weeks. (Hooray! Can't wait!!!)

However, I also have to submit my infamous thesis paper by March 30th, in order to graduate this May. I was hoping/planning on having it all wrapped up and submitted by March 25, next Friday, but I'm thinking that's not going to happen. Here is what remains to be done:
  • I am waiting to hear back from my advisor on chapter 4
  • Revise chapter four and then submit chapter 5 (plus the revised chapters 1-4) to my advisor
  • Wait to hear back from my advisor on chapter 5
  • Make final revisions on the entire paper
  • Submit the final copy to my advisor for approval
  • Wait to hear back for his approval
  • Then submit the whole kit and caboodle to the class/committee.
Honestly....*big sigh*....I don't know. I keep thinking it HAS to get done. My biggest "hang-up" is waiting for my advisor to respond. I can't revise and can't submit the next thing until I hear back from him. Oh, how I am praying he returns chapter 4 to me today or tomorrow, at the latest. I'm running out of time.

Plus, seeing as I'm going on vacation, I have to tidy up my desk, trying to wrap up as many things as possible, so that I can effectively transfer everything to the lady who will be overseeing my desk while I'm gone. Work always gets more stressful right before a least in my experience.

Plus, I teach Sunday school this Sunday, which I'm 90% ready for.
Plus, my friend's last Sunday is this Sunday so there is a special commission service for them Sunday night.
Plus, I offered to make lemon bars and 7-layer bars for the food part of this service.
Plus, I have to renew my rent before leaving next week or make plans to move back into my parent's house come May, which is up for sale. ( parents would love that...oh least I get a chuckle from this!)
Plus, Plus, Plus

But (strangely?), I am, for the most part, at peace.
Is it because I'm making good use of my time?
Is it because I'm seeing progress on my work commitments?
Is it because I'm spending more time in prayer each day?
Is it because I recognize that there are some things outside my why worry?

All I know is that God is good. He is faithful.
And despite the chaos swirling around me, He is very much in control.
I'm so thankful for that!

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