Wednesday, February 23

The Winds of Change

My friends are leaving.

I've talked about my good friends, Brian and Erin, who go to my church (our church's youth pastors) and are missionary candidates like me. While I knew them and enjoyed their company prior to my German experience, it was after I came back that these two became among my closest friends. They have offered me so much laughter, encouragement, prayers, and fellowship in the last five years.

And they confirmed to me three weeks ago that they have accepted a missions position in Ensenada, Mexico.

The church is being emailed today and an official announcement made on Sunday.
Their last day at my church will be March 26th.
They have to be in Ensenada by May 1st.
The countdown has officially begun.

Honestly, I'm thrilled for them. And I have every intention of trying to visit Ensenada at some point or two in the future. And our church will see them again as we will become one of their supporters. And this is what they have been waiting for...I'm happy to be their cheerleader!

(Yes, this means that my church will soon be without a senior pastor and youth pastor...ahh, transition!)

This change will bring sadness, of course, but overall, it feels okay. I guess it's because I trusting/hoping that there is change on my horizon too...a shift into full-time ministry some time this year. But I'm still waiting for God to reveal that path to me.


Moe said...

I have lost the physical precense of some great friends to ministry. It's a bit hurtful, but we understand that it's necessary for God's kingdom. Thankfully we have Skype and other tools to continue the friendship.

Praying for your transition. God bless!

Mindy said...

Thanks for praying! Technology is so beneficial in this area...I can't imagine what it was like even 50 years ago, when communication was far and few between.

Moe said...

I guess snail mail was the hot stuff back in the days. I can't even imagine having to wait for a letter. Crazy.