Friday, February 25

Thesis paper...personal application

You don't what you've got til it's gone...
Absence makes the heart grow fonder...

Wednesday morning
Sitting at work...doing my thing...minding my own business.
I stand to fax an order when my back starts having spasms.
I clutch my desk quickly, holding on for dear life
Telling myself to breathe slowly while simultaneously thinking "NOOOOO" and "OOOOWWWW"

(Two years ago, I had this happen for the first time ever.
I think I was laid up for about a week but in pain for about a month.
I started going to a chiropractor, at my sister's recommendation and have gone ever since.
He keeps me aligned. And pain-free. And moving.)

I called my chiropractor and asked demanded pleaded for a squeezed-in appointment.
It took me 15 minutes to get up from my desk and ready to move out to the parking lot.
Then next morning was worse.
It took me 40 minutes to get up from bed and moving, to get ready.

Today, I am (thankfully and mercifully) about 50% better. I can move more freely. Spasms are less frequent (thank you Jesus!) and I am padded with ice packs and prayer!

Like most times of pain and suffering, when you go through something, you become that much more grateful for the times when you don't. Having a whacked-out back makes thankful for the usual circumstances when I don't even have to think about my back, when I can move freely without wondering what will trigger the next spasm. Also, this minor (hopefully) passing incident makes me more sensitive to others who deal with back pain or any other bodily pain.

Now, I know people out there go through significantly greater times of suffering than my current back woes, so please don't think I'm trying to boast myself up. But I guess what I am learning, not only in my thesis paper studies but also in life, is that in the midst of pain, I am mostly grateful that God knows my pain, is very much present and in control, and will use it (however big or small) to bring glory to Him!

To that, I say, amen and amen!


Moe said...

From someone who also suffers from backaches, I so understand you.

Feel better and practice those back stretching exercises.

Mindy said...

Thanks! Motivation to do the exercises now is easy...continuing them when I feel better will be harder. :)