Tuesday, February 1

Why I'll never name my son Chris...

...because I often mis-type and spell Christ, instead.
I would hate to give the kid a complex or have him think I was swearing at him, which I guess if he knew me at all, he would know that it would NOT be the latter.

The complex thing would only work if it made him more Christ-like. It would not work if it made him act like he had all the authority of God. Or that every knee should bow in heaven and on earth. Or that everyone should confess he is Lord. Definitely would not work...

I do this all the time at work. I start my email "Good afternoon Christ" and then of course, realize my typo and back up one space. But I always wonder what kind of reaction I'd get if I didn't catch my mistake.

I suppose it's a good thing that typing Christ comes so naturally to me.
But I'm still not naming my son Christ...I mean, Chris.

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