Thursday, February 3

Coffee Connection

I would love to own or run a coffee shop.

I'm not sure I'd be great at it. I don't have a huge love or understanding of business, capitalism, or economics. In fact, I readily admit that in order for this to be successful, I'd need a business-minded partner to keep me grounded.

But the making...the creating...the connections. Yes, I'd pretty much have to work around the clock. But I'd be game. I think I'd love least I love the time before I worked in a coffee shop as a barista!

I have this vision...okay, two visions...

First, a coffee shop that has a big space with even a few room in the back or side. There could be a smallish stage for entertainment. One room could have books, desks, and a couple computers. Another room could have games or artsy things. And a kitchen in the back. But the point of this vision would be to hire teenagers who either need a little purpose, responsibility, or money while working in the shop. To have teens learn to roast coffee beans, to clean, to serve, and to give them a chance to display and sell their art (or baked goods), work on their education in the library room, and maybe even have a music board thing to practice running sound and being a stagehand and/or preformer. All this to show them that they are important, can contribute and dream in big ways, and in the process, learn about Jesus.

My second vision is have a coffee shop overseas. There would be a big space with a couple rooms. Keep the computers and the books...they could be a place for people to learn computer skills and to learn English. Also rooms could be used for Bible Studies. The big seating area would need to have tables and chairs that would be easy to move because on Sundays, a smallish congregation can meet there. People in great need could be hired to cook, clean, serve, and roast coffee beans. nights...craft nights....whatever activity to bring the community in and use to share about Christ.

These thoughts amuse me and spark my imagination and creativity. I keep thinking of what if and what could be. I find myself sitting with a happy drunk-like smile on my face.

But then the questions come. What about the much money would it take to start even a simple coffee shop? Where would I possibly get the money? Who could I find to possibly partner with me as I would definitely need help? How does one even start a business? And keep it alive? And growing? Would I start this and then hate it? Would I actually have the courage to walk this journey?

This whole thing is a giant question mark.
Only God knows if this will ever to come to be, to any degree.
But it's fun to daydream in the process.

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