Monday, February 7

Interview Q&A

**I thought I'd take an opportunity to answer some much asked questions about myself.
Okay, nobody is asking me anything but I'm still willing to share the answers to the questions you, or at least I, might be thinking.**

You've mentioned a time or two about possible involvement in missions. Is that something you're still interested in?
Yes...very much so. But let me elaborate. I have a heart for missions, which I think is something that God wants of us all. I love to hear about what God is doing around the excites me greatly. God is doing great things! And I love being a part of missions...whether through supporting missionaries, agencies doing a good work, encouraging missionaries, or even participating on short-term missions.

So do you think you'll ever do long-term missions?
Perhaps. I'm very much open to the idea of living overseas, learning a new language and culture, and putting the talents that God has given me to share the gospel with others.

Are you pursuing a missionary career?
This is a tricky one. Technically, yes. I am a missionary candidate with the Christian & Missionary Alliance and my soon-to-be-completed Master's degree is one of Career Missionary requirements. Next requirement on the list is serving in a church for two years.

However, as my degree has progressed, I've become less certain of what God wants me to do. As I said, I'm still willing to go overseas. But in the last year, I've also become willing to serve with any agency (not just the C&MA) and to even stay state-side, if God wants me here. This naturally allows for God to provide any opportunity He wants but makes me more clueless in the process.

What's your Master's degree in again?
Intercultural Leadership through Crown's all online and has been a great program. I'd recommend it highly to anyone who asked.

Now that you're almost done, do you have anything in the works for what is next?
Yes and no...I'm pretty much open to anything at time point. So I've applied to a few non-profit organizations in the USA, to no avail, as of yet. Also, I'm considering the whole 2 year church service thing. Beyond those, I feel clueless...just waiting on God and His timing.

You seem pretty clueless about your there anything that you are certain of? know, there is one thing. And when I get discouraged on this whole clueless/timing thing, I keep coming back to this...I know God has called me into ministry and He has given me a missional heart.

How do you know God called you into ministry?
I had a moment with God. Back when I was 20, I was attending community college full time, working part time, and serving in my church as a youth leader. That was pretty much my life. One day, I was driving from school to work and was thinking about my life. I was frustrated that my input into youth ministry was limited by school and work. It occurred to me that if I could do anything I wanted, I'd quit school and my job and just work as a youth leader full-time! When that thought occurred to me, it was as if a light bulb came on and I knew...I knew that God was calling me into ministry...that I was created to serve in ministry, in some form, at some point in time.

Have you done any ministry since that calling?
If you mean in a "paid" position, yes. I interned at my church for seven month as part of my Bachelor's degree. I also had the privilege of working at the Black Forest Academy in Germany for two years. However, with the exception of those almost-three years, all other ministry has been as an unpaid lay-volunteer in my church, which is a consistent part of my life.

Anything other questions? Just let me know! :)

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