Wednesday, December 15

Christmas thoughts

Did the stars twinkle brighter that night?
Did it look like they were dancing across the sky?
Or giggling in anticipation?

Did creation know of the special event?
Did the rocks cry out praises of excitement?
Did the mountains quake or the trees shake?
Moving in joy and adoration?

Did the angels press their faces against the sky?
Peering down into the cool dark evening?
To watch a humble couple journey, the girl obviously in pain?
Did they wait in awe-filled silence to see this drama play out?
Or did they ask the Father if they could help, go, aid, and ease?

Did the world realize the night of the special event?
One star did shine brightly
Some animals did surround the scene
A choir of angels was sent to sing and announce the miraculous birth.
But as for the rest, did they realize? Did they know?
Or did the day pass by?

“The heavens declare the glory of the Lord…
Day after day they pour forth speech”
But what about you and what about me?
Did the innkeeper realize the family was blessed?
Did the shepherds feel unknown anticipation?
Did those who travelled with them, long to help, go, aid and ease?
Or were simply too busy, too burdened, too unaware?

“For to us a child is born, to us a son is given”
Would I have noticed? Would I have waited?
Eagerly and prayerfully?
Or would I have missed the quiet entrance?
By the distractions of the day?
There’s much I don’t know about that one day
But through the birth of the babe
My life has forever been changed.

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