Tuesday, December 21

Christmas in Heaven?

My grandpa just passed away and is now in Heaven with our Lord. It occurred to me today that he is home and that he gets to celebrate Christmas with the Person behind Christmas. This got me thinking about whether or not there's a Christmas party in Heaven, to celebrate Jesus' birth date. Okay, okay...I know that Jesus wasn't really born on December 25 and that the whole date and Christmas tree thing was created by Christians much later on, but let's run with this anyways.

Imagine, what would Christmas look like in Heaven?
  • A giant, decked-out tree?
  • Or maybe the cross that Christ died on, fully decorated, kind of like a maypole, in the middle of Heaven?
  • Story time with Joseph, Mary, the shepherd, the magi, the angels...and other person touched/changed by Jesus from that day?
  • A giant movie screen showing that historical, life-changing event?
  • Confetti being thrown, banners that say "happy birthday Jesus," and us giving gifts to Jesus in worship and adoration?
  • Singing Christmas carols to Jesus (instead of just singing about Jesus)?
  • A star-dance and angel-choir performance/reenactment?
  • Being able to say "thank you for coming" to Jesus, face to face?
  • Being able to hug Jesus and wish Him a happy birthday?
  • Laughter and delight over the fact that in earth years, Jesus would be a wonderful 2000+ year old man?
  • Maybe Jesus would let it snow and then after the party, we could have a snowball fight or go sledding?
If the party/celebration is anything like this, I'm a bit jealous. :)

Although I supposed even if you stripped all the hoopla away, it would be still wonderful to simply just hug Jesus and say "thank you for coming." That would make my day.

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