Tuesday, December 21

A Bit of Joy, Part 5

Today, joy is found in...
  1. The knowledge of who I am regardless of what others may think.
  2. The assurance of my salvation and future.
  3. A much-needed good night's sleep (although finding joy was much harder when my alarm clock went off this morning...oh how I wanted to keep sleeping and forget about work!)
  4. Being trusted to hear and guard people's stories
  5. Friends checking in on me
  6. The anticipation of (hopefully) blessing others through simple Christmas gifts.
  7. Needed reminders of what is important and of how God wants me to live.

1 comment:

My name is Cait said...

Hey Mindy,
Just want to say that I am loving your posts on joy. Such a great reminder for me and an encouragement to see God working in your life.