Wednesday, October 6

The pastry case runneth over...

My sister works at Starbucks. I wish I worked at a coffee shop. I worked at a coffee/ice cream shop for a year after returning from Germany. It wasn't the best work environment but I loved the coffee part of it. Did you know that that they have barista contests? I think that would be the funnest thing.  Maybe one day I can work at a coffee shop again and better my barista skills...but this is about my sister.

At lunchtime yesterday, I got onto facebook and my sister's best friend, who also works at the same Starbucks (how cool would it be to work with your best friend!!!), had posted that someone ordered 30 petite vanilla scones for delivery on Tuesday. However, instead of 30 scones (3 boxes), the person accidentally ordered 30 boxes...300 scones! Oops!

Can you imagine? The delivery guy shows up and box after box THERE ARE MORE SCONES!

I'm sure they called every store in a 5 mile radius asking if they could use more scones for the day! I know they also sample food sometimes so I bet those scones were the samples of the day! My sister has mentioned her co-workers' abilities to talk up different products, meeting store goals. So I can only imagine that every customer was given a "petite scone" pitch. Plus, my sister brought home two boxes of scones (as if we need that but yay!).

You see, the scones only have a one day shelf life allowance. They had to get rid of all the scones or toss them at the end of the day. Sad, isn't it?

Anyhow, I have yet to connect with my sister to hear how things turned out. Hopefully the person who mis-ordered isn't in too much trouble.

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