Friday, August 6

My Concert Report

Tonight was good...just what I needed! The concert I went to today was located at Chateau Ste. Michelle, a fairly well known winery that is only about 30 minutes away. Their concert area is just one large open grassy field where you can sit on blankets or low chairs. (Being a winery, one cannot bring alcohol onto the grounds but instead the guests are welcomed to buy bottles or glasses of wine.)
The concert was delightful...Natalie Merchant has a gorgeous voice that I find enchanting to listen to. It was one of those concerts that I found just wanted to sit and listen. Along with the music, I found myself encapsulated by the rich plumy smell of wine as many of the guest partook quite liberally...the smell was intoxicating and added to the environment. It was all rather quite wonderful.

One a different note, it was amusing to watch Natalie dance...if you ever seen the movie Serendipity, picture in your mind that one scene where John Corbett is playing his clarinet and then dancing in a hippie, earthy type movement...that was Natalie's style. It made me smile. and giggle. and love her even more.

So was going by myself awful? No...not really. I'd do it again. Naturally, it's more fun to share these types of events with a friend but going solo wasn't awful.

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