Tuesday, July 6

What its all about?

My class on missions has been pretty good. The class ends this Sunday, which makes me happy!

The final book that I have to read and write a 2 page (single space) report on, is "Truth to Tell: The Gospel as Public Truth," by Lesslie Newbigin. Lesslie Newbigin was a influential missiologist (so my books all say) for our time. This book is only 90 pages and so I actually read it all yesterday just to be done with it.

Ever have one of those books where you read and read but have no clue what you are reading about? This is that type of book! There were a few quotes that stood out to me, which I noted but how am I to write a 2 page report on this book when I'm not even sure I can summarize the book? I think it's about Christians sharing the gospel as truth to the world...but the title alone almost says that, right? Oh geez...

Gotta love it!

On a different note, last Friday I registered for my last two classes for this Master's degree...wahoo! And, I played in my kitchen this weekend...both of which make me happy.

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