Thursday, July 1

My Weary Soul

Work, school, church...that's my life. I try not to's the life I've chosen for the time being. Plus, school will be done in December (Lord's all dependent on my thesis paper!)

I read a blog today asking the readers if they were a fan or storyteller in their own life. Upon thinking about that, I concluded that I am a fan right now...I'm too tired to create stories, tell stories, and engage with my own story. Whatever free time I have, I usually read a book or watch TV or movies in order to give my brain the chance to shut down and not be thinking. I feel like I'm putting one foot in front of another just to get done what needs to be done. But upon reflecting on this, I also realised that I don't like simply be just an observer.

In the past, I've told people that cooking/baking is one way in which I can be creative...a kind of therapy and creative outlet. I haven't played in the kitchen for almost this whole class. **Note to self: must create something this weekend!!!

Also relationships/community is always an element to keep me energized and encouraged. Thankfully I've had a couple opportunities throughout this class to have a night out with friends, which have been great blessings. But I think I need to also try to be more intentional in my relationships with others knowing how much it affects me. It's easy to allow busyness to isolate myself...then I end up feeling alone, emotional, and overwhelmed.

This is an ongoing thing for me, at least at this phase of my life. I need to center myself around God, engaging the creativity He has put in me, and allow relationships to a consistent part of my going-ons.

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