Monday, July 19

One thing I want

Dear Santa--

I know this letter comes a bit early this year but I know what I want so why wait?

Since I don't make a practice to bribe people, I won't promise you to be a very good girl if you get me what I want. I mean, I'll try to be a good girl regardless and I hope you'll get me what I want but both are mutually exclusive of each other.

I know I haven't written you a letter in approximately...well...actually never. But there's a first for everything. If possible, could you please send me the following (I even included a picture just to be clear):

I don't believe that you are some cosmic grandfather waiting to spoil me just because. I'm more inclined to believe that like your legends of old, your sole intention is to bless others, most especially those in need. So it's only fair that if I am the recipient of your blessing, I should be willing to bless others too, which I try to do. So I came with the following list of how I can bless others with the above Schwinn bike:

1. I could encourage people to buy their own bike for pleasure and exercise.
2. I could use the back rack thing to carry people's things.
3. I could bring joy to someone who watches me ride with excitement...although I'm not really sure how much joy that could bring.
4. I could bring joy to people as they remember the days of their childhood when they too had a sweet bike like mine.
5. I could yell encouragement to people as I breeze by them.
6. And I suppose I could let someone borrow my bike, if really truly needed.

So there you go, Santa! My first ever letter. How did I do?
Say hi to Mrs. Claus and all the munchkins...I mean, elves.
Thank you for considering my request.

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