Wednesday, July 21

In The Tank

About two weeks ago, I went to the doctor and had some blood drawn for various tests.
Monday, I went to the doctor to find out the results.

Everything is good.
Blood count...check!
Sugar levels...check!
A bunch of other things...check, check, check!!!

But then the doctor came to the very last number and informed me that my Vitamin D levels were in the tank. I asked him what that means and then immediately remembered Vitamin D is related to the sun! I started laughing. Not enough sunshine...check!

Maybe it's the fact that WA has been extra overcast this year...check!
Maybe it's the fact that I work inside all day...check
Maybe it's the fact that I study inside all evening and weekend...check!
Yep, that will do it!

I should have asked for a doctor's note to be excused from work for a couple days of sun therapy!

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