Friday, June 4

National Donut Day

Today is National Donut Day, all thanks to the Salvation Army, as the story goes.

Today at work, there are only three of us...the other lady is home sick. With a mind to celebrate this fair day, my boss decided to go buy some donuts. Well, him and I were the only ones interested as the other guy has lunch plans.

When Jim returns, he's carrying a small big deal.
Moments later, he places a plate on my desk with three maple-covered old-fashioned donuts, which makes me pause because I knew only two people would be doing the eating. But maybe he means for us to have 1.5 donuts each. ...Okay...

BUT THEN, Jim goes to the back and makes some comment about his donut be back there.

Me: What do you mean your donut is back there? There are three donuts sitting on my desk!!!
Jim: Well, in case Kirk wants one. We need to celebrate Donut Day.
Kirk: No way am I having one!
Me: I'm not eating three donuts!!!

Can you imagine? If I ate three donuts I would need to spent the whole weekend running just to burn those calories. Oh geez...I think my boss got a bit too excited, like a kid in a candy store. Only now I have two extra donuts sitting behind me that I am not going to think about or eat.

If anyone wants to join the celebration, you know where to come...I'll have coffee ready!

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