Thursday, June 3

Back in the day...

My brother, two sisters and myself were all bequeathed a 9-year-long Lutheran education by our parents. This education left me many useful tools.

I can say the Apostle's Creed in eight different languages.
I can recite the Lord's Prayer backwards and forwards.
And songs...many, many songs.

My siblings and I still talk about the songs that's we've learned, which then makes the four of us burst into laughter, bonding us for those few moments. We suffered together (although at different times) and survived.

Now, don't get me wrong. Going to the Lutheran school wasn't all that bad. It was just a unique experience. As someone with a bit more perspective, I sometimes wonder what my parent's thought process was in choosing a Christian education and then particularly that school. As for the choice of school, it was probably the only option that was close and available.

But back to the songs. I so wish there was a voice recording thing I could link on here so I could just sing you some of the songs...there probably is a way but no matter. You'll have to endure not getting the pleasure of my musical interpretations.

My song recollection starts back in 2nd grade. My teacher played the guitar and taught us bunches of fun songs aimed to teach us something about Jesus and to drain the energy from our 7 year old bodies.

There's the Bubble, Bubblin' song (which sadly I could not find on the internet); It Only Takes a SparkI am a C; If I Were a Butterfly, and last but not least my school's attempt to reach back to the Lutheran's German roots:

Mein hand on myself
Und vas ist das hier?
Das ist mein Tinkerboxer*
mein Mama dear!

Tinkerboxer, tinkerboxer
rinky dinky do
dat's vat I learned in der Schul!
Ja vohl!

*(pointing to various parts on your body) substitute Hornblower, Meatgrinder, Rubbernecker, Breadbasket, Hitchhiker, Sitter-downer, Seat-kicker!

Then at some point another teacher joined the school and lead the singing in our weekly chapel sessions. From him, we learned Pharaoh, Pharaoh (a song designed to teach us something I'm sure), Shut de' Door (an attempt to be Jamaican while promoting keeping the devil away), The Coloring Song (our tribute to Petra), and the ever somber benediction, Go Now in Peace, which must ALWAYS be sung in a round.

Ahh...good times. Good times.

(If you don't want to watch all the videos, at least watch Pharaoh, Pharoah...totally amusing!)

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