Monday, June 14

If old ladies can handle it...

A few weekends ago, my friends from Calgary, who were in Vancouver, BC, drove down to visit. They had the benefit of seeing Seattle at its finest.

After walking all around Seattle, my friends were super hungry. So we went to a restaurant, which I think was a bit more costly than we were expecting...but and learn, I guess.

So I was perusing the menu, not being super hungry, and wondering what to get. Should I be good and order a salad or should I go for the Chicken Pot Pie that sounded oh-so-good? My fear though was that sometimes the Chicken-Pot-Pies at restaurants are enormous. So I decided to ask the waitress of her thoughts.

It's not too big. It looks bigger than it really is. But I've seen old ladies polish it off without any problems.

Sold! Bring me this Pot Pie! 15 minutes later...

Yes, that is a dinner plate underneath. Yes, the pot pie is the size of a dinner plate. Seriously I spotted the beast on the tray as the server was walking our way and I believe my exact words were "holy crap!"  After that, I was momentarily speechless. My two friends starting laughing and once the momentary shock wore off, I joined in.

The waitress was not totally incorrect. While the circumference is huge, the depth was quite shallow. It's all bark but no bite. However, she was incorrect about one thing; unlike those old ladies, I was not able to finish my pot pie. Oh well!

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