Saturday, June 19


I received a letter today. A letter that has brought grief and tears.
My senior pastor has submitted his resignation effective August 29th.

My pastor has been our church's pastor for about 30 years. 30 years!!! That longevity is not common but nor are we ready to see him go. My church has been so blessed to have him and his wife involved with our church. He has journeyed alongside all of us. He has taken our church through highs and lows, always pointing us to God.

Seeing as I've been a part of this church for about 21 years, my pastor has been present and involved in my life for all of my formative years. He has wholeheartedly supported me as I discerned God's call to ministry; he has mentored me practically in ministry and through his wise counsel. He's the one I've envisioned officiating at my wedding and dedicating any kids and sending me off into ministry. Sure all of that can more or less still happen but everything at my church will inevitably change under new leadership. Yes, change can be good and yes, I know that God is in all things and yes, my pastor deserves to retire but yes, this also kind of sucks.

I think it's safe to say that the grief and tears will continue all the way to August 29th.

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