Wednesday, May 26

Refocus and Refresh

This upcoming weekend will be full but good. First of all, whenever we have a three day weekend, there is much celebration and rejoicing.

For the last 4-5 years approximately, at this time of the year, the ladies in my church have a prayer retreat. It is a small gathering of ladies and will take place from Friday-Saturday. This chunk of time will include worship, praying corporately and individually, fasting, prayer-related stations, communion, silence and fellowship.

I first went to this two years ago and thought is was good. However, I opted not to go last year for some reason and wasn't really planning on going this year until my sister, who is planning the retreat, asked me to oversee the communion time. And I agreed.

I had planned out the entire communion time about a month ago since my sister wanted to give my thoughts to another lady who oversaw the communion time for a separate day prayer retreat they also had about two weeks ago. Now that the weekend is impending, I find that I am in need of reviewing my thoughts and refocusing my mind on the Passover Lamb. Right now my mind is so full of many other things including the three books I'm trying to stay engaged with. I have to get some homework done tonight and then afterwards I plan to take some time to be silent and still before God.

Then in addition to the prayer retreat, I have some friends coming to town...well, kind of. These friends live in Calgary, AB (about 12 hours away) and will be visiting some friends in Vancouver, BC (about 2 hours away). So either on Sunday or Monday, I will be gallivanting up to Canada to see my dear friend, her nice husband and their new babe. (I think the last time I went to Canada was in fact for their wedding about 4 years ago.)

So while this weekend will be busy, it should be also very refreshing.
Time with God and time with friends.
A balm to my soul.

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