Monday, May 17

I don't deserve my dad!

The last few days have been full of packing, moving, cleaning, sleeping, unpacking and generally aching all over. I only moved two buildings over in the same apartment complex. But everything had to go down one set of stairs, across the parking lot and up a set of stairs.

Overall, I think I will enjoy my new apartment. Living with my younger sister will have some adjustments but it will be good. And I love my new feels so much more a haven than my last room. But this post isn't about me.

I have concluded numerous times over this weekend that I do not deserve my dad! He has so willingly helped move my sister and I and all our heavy pieces of furniture. I know it was taxing on him towards the end...he's not a young guy anymore but he stuck it out. And then yesterday, he called me up to see if I would like help in cleaning up my old apartment.

Heck, yeah! I will never refuse help with cleaning but I was so touched by this. So we worked for about three hours and got a fair share of the apartment beautified but still have about half to go. Then my dad volunteered to swing by my apartment today to do some more cleaning while I'm at work. Bless my lucky did I deserve this?

I want to find a way to thank my dad for his generosity. My parents will be moving soon...I suppose one idea is that I could simply return the favor when the time comes. (My poor parents lament over the lack of sons-in-law in our household. When my grandparents moved back in the day, all their daughters and their sons-in-law came together to help such luck, as of yet, in our family.)

I know my father hasn't volunteered his time just to receive recognition or rewards but his service makes me want to show my love and appreciation for him. A father's love, freely given, for the undeserving child...I see a good spiritual lesson in this.

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