Wednesday, May 19

A Good Idea?!?

About two weeks ago, my friend Erin asked how we should celebrate my birthday. The idea that we came up with is to walk around Green Lake and to go to a Cuban-inspired coffee shop, both in Seattle.

Green Lake is a this quaint little area of Seattle surrounded with trendy shops and a path all around the lake. Whenever the weather is nice, people swarm Green Lake either to run, walk, skate, or bike. The path around Green Lake is just shy of 3 miles.

As for the Cuban-inspired coffee shop, aka El Diablo Coffee Company, it proved to be a little gem-hole-in-the-wall type of shop! And I loved it. My Cafe con Leche reminded me of a good European cappuccino. Yum! Rich coffee taste with foam and cinnamon...cannot get any better. Seriously, writing about makes me want to go back for another cup of goodness. **Sigh**

The crux for this evening was the weather. We'd only do this if the weather cooperated and that too, could not have been better! Warm, clear skies, sunny...a perfect spring day for Washington...a day when postcards are made!

The only "downside" to this day was in my planning. This past weekend, I moved apartments. I ended up not working on Friday just to move things. By the time 4:00pm rolled around, my arms and legs were rubber. I had climbed about 600 steps (this is just a guess...about 25 steps between both apartments). Up and down the stairs until my legs were constantly aching. Box after box until my arms were limp as dishrags. At this point, I crashed on my couch for the hour that I had available until my next activity.

After the next activity was over, I went with my friends Erin and Krissy for our planned Green Lake/El Diablo adventure. I repeatedly wondered what I was thinking to have scheduled a three mile walk after a day of moving but I figured what won't kill me will only make me stronger. Sure...I was practically limping by the time it was over. Sure...I wanted to weep with joy when I realised I had 0.5 mile left to go. Sure...I swallowed more gnats than I'd care to know...but all-in-all I had a great evening with my friends and got to console my pain with my coffee afterwards.

So what seemed like a good idea at the beginning ended up still being a good idea. But next time I think I'll skip the whole moving thing...I've had enough of that for awhile.

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