Wednesday, April 21

The Lord Bless Them

Every Tuesday night is youth group night at my church. I am (willingly and intentionally) one of the middle-school leaders.

The last three Tuesdays, we've done something different...small groups. We've shown them parables and then have broken them up into groups for discussion. It's been really good. Last night night was our final night of this series.

The first week we talked about The Prodigal Son.
The second week we talked about The Seed and the Soil.
And yesterday we talked about The Good Samaritan.

In an attempt to wrap the series, I pointed out the theme that flows between the three stories. First the Prodigal Son realises his error and is freely forgiven by the Father. Then when considering the soil, we want to be the good soil so that God's word will grow in us. Last, we want to demonstrate what we learn practically in how we love God and love those around us. After this, I asked the youth to share where they saw themselves in that progression.

One girl, who has grown up in the church, admitted that out of all of those options she is most like shallow soil...the word grows quickly but is not as strong as it would be in the good soil.

I affirmed her honesty by saying that I understand. Having grown up in the church myself, I find as a 30 year old that I still struggle with depth and maturity in my relationship with God at times.

It was at the point when I mentioned my age, that this sweet 8th grade girl and my co-leader who about 40, were both, "what? really? how old are you?"

Oh, the little joys of life. I appreciate that they were shocked and had thought me younger. The Lord bless them for those reactions.

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