Friday, April 2

A Little Bit of Crazy

So this morning at home, I decided I was going to go to Red Mango for lunch. I received a coupon about a week ago for $1 off their new parfaits or smoothies. I figured a parfait will do nicely for my lunch.

By 11am, my stomach was already growling telling me to get a move on it. However, around the same time, the heavens opened and the rain started pouring. But I went anyways.

Between running out to my car, running from my car to the store at the mall (and parking far away due to lack of space, thank you very much), and running back to my car, I started to wonder if having a parfait, when it's 45F degrees and pouring out, is a good idea.

My parfait was indeed tasty but now I have the heater blowing on my feet to thaw them out. I think coffee is also in order to thaw out my insides.

All this whining from the person who went on slurpee runs in Regina, Saskatchewan when it was -30C outside.


DeMo said...

I think our senses get muted when good treats are available. You're not the only one who gets a slush when it's below freezing outside. :)

Mindy said...

DeMo, I know what you mean. In college, I got used to have slurpees when it was freezing out that when back at home, I only craved them during wintertime. :)