Friday, March 26

Tea and Company

I like hosting, hospitality, an excuse to cook/bake, and a time to chat with friends. (Although I dislike the cleaning that must always preceed these times. Maybe if I made more of an effort to maintain a clean apartment then I wouldn't have to go full force whenever I entertain...but that's another story...)

So, tomorrow I am having a tea (and coffee) party.

I am going to make miniature Pumpkin-Maple Scones, miniature White Chocolate Blueberry Scones (miniature meaning about 2-3 least that is what I'll aim for), and apple fritters. In addition to the bready items, I'm going to serve fruit (strawberries and pears). Any leftover bready good will be going to my parent's home and to work on Monday.

I am having 5 ladies come over...5 friends whose company I enjoy immensely. I am especially prayerful for one of the five. She has been having health and emotional problems for the last two months. I invited her because it is my hope that the rest of us can breathe encouragement into her heart and mind. I called her last night to see if she is planning on coming and she said that it is her plan to be there. But she did not sound good yesterday. I hope this whole thing won't be overwhelming and a cause of stress for her.

My apartment looks mostly lovely and tidy now. I have a few remaining things to put away. The only thing I have yet to really figure out is seating. I don't have enough seating unless I use my dining table stools. But then some people will be sitting on tall stools while others will be sitting near the floor on the couch, which could be a bit awkward. In the scheme of things, chairs will not make or break the sweetness of the gathering.

The thing I am most excited about is the fact that I will use my Polish teapot set. When I lived in Germany, I had the opportunity to go to Poland to shop for pottery. Some of those I went with bought entire place settings but I decided to go for a teapot set, which sits pretty in my display cabinet. I am looking forward to pulling it out and using the set for the 2nd time since I've purchased it. I can't believe I've only used it twice. It needs to get out more.

Another "european" thing that needs to get out more is my raclette set. I think I'll plan a raclette dinner in April. Sounds so good! But anyways...

This little shindig will probably be my last hosting opportunity in my single-living 1-bedroom apartment. I will most likely be moving in about three weeks and then I have to share my space, my hosting, and my ideas with my sister. I hope tomorrow is a blessing for all of us...a chance to laugh, celebrate, and pray for one another.

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