Thursday, March 25

Because I need this...

Reasons I like my job or am thankful for my job:
  • I can take off for doctor appts without any problem
  • My boss sometimes treats us to Starbucks
  • I get to listen to music while I'm working
  • It pays for my expenses and schooling
  • I have made friends with a handful of people who make me laugh
  • We go out to eat for birthday lunches
  • I get lots of encouragement and thankfulness that I am here
  • I get coffee every day at work
  • If we need something my boss is willing to listen and help
  • It's close to my house...only about 20 minutes away
  • I can walk in a grocery store and see things that I had a small part of
  • Consistent hours, M-F, 8am-5pm
  • Weekends off
  • My boss lets us leave early on Fridays
  • We have friendly (and good looking) UPS drivers
  • I can get free samples of a variety of ingredients, if I want
  • There are chocolate samples at work, which I raid periodically
  • It's not the worst job I've ever had or could have
  • I can wear casual clothes and walk around without shoes
  • I can cook/bake things and bring them in to help them get eaten
  • It allows me to maintain my blog...should I be admitting that???
  • and finally, my boss brought doughnuts into work today

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