Wednesday, March 17

Mustard and a Date

So the mustard guy called again yesterday.

**I think I mentioned a long time past that at my job we get commissions from the companies who make the ingredients, off of the total dollar sales.

The mustard company buys a lot of vinegar and is looking into buying totes (330 gallons) instead of buying drums (55 gallons). This would save them approximately $13000 a year!! However, since we get commission of the total sales, this will hurt our company a little bit. The mustard guy actually inquired about this since this is not the type of thing I would ever mention to a customer. It was very kind of him to be concerned about our company and the commissions we make. I assured him that we understand, saving $13000 would be great, and they can do what needs to be done...I'll still be here to help. With a little bit of guilt in his voice he asked, "do you need any mustard?"

I started laughing and assured him that Friday's package was plenty for us but that if I ever needed more, I'd give him a call. And then,

MV: How old are you?
Me: 30
MV: (at which point he speaks off in the distance) hey MY, I've got a great single girl for you in Lynnwood, WA!
Me: (a bit shocked...I just started laughing)
MV: I better stop or I'll have both you and MY blushing.
Me: Well, good thing you can't see me then.
MV: Why? are you blushing?
Me: Yes (still laughing)
MV: Well, MY is a bit on the shy side so I thought I should help him out.
Me: Mustard and a, this phone call can't get much better!

I was chuckling (and blushing) for the next two hours. Some of the people I work with are so great and entertaining. They are what make my job worthwhile, in my opinion.

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DeMo said...

So funny! Days like this make all the boring/not fun ones worthwhile! :)