Monday, March 15

A Present

I got a gift on Friday.

Back on Tuesday (I think), a customer who buys vinegar called me and asked if there was any way the vinegar company could ship him 55 gallons of vinegar the next was an emergency...they didn't have enough vinegar and needed some as soon as possible. Usually the vinegar company needs more time but they were able to make an exception and everything worked out very smoothly. It really was no big deal, wonderfully so.

However, the customer was so thankful that he wanted to send me a gift (all I did was write the emails but sure, dote me with gifts.) The company that he works for is a mustard company. I'm sure they do more than that but mustard is their specialty...good German mustard.

So he asked what kind of mustard I quickly said, " know, like the French's mustard type of stuff." I guess mentioning the competitor wasn't a smart thing because he scoffed as soon as I said the name.

Anyhow, on Friday, a box gets delivered to work. The label says the box weighs 11 lbs. Seriously??? 11 lbs of mustard? Here I was thinking he'd send me one little jar/bottle but once I opened it up, there were three dressings/sauces and 6 different types of mustard: Dill Mustard, Champagne Mustard, Smoky Onion/Garlic Mustard, etc.

I sent an email back thanking him for the box of goodness and I admitted that I shared the product. He teased back that I should have kept it all for myself to which I answered that as a single person, it would take me about 5 years (at least) to go through all of that. In this instance, sharing is good otherwise I would have had to get real creative with recipes in order to use it all up.

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