Tuesday, March 30

hee hee...hoo hoo...hee hee....hoo hoo

No I'm not pregnant....the girl isn't even married
However, I am a bit stressed and in serious need of relaxation.

My coworker was out sick two days last week and then yesterday and today as well. I'm going CRAZY. I am running on coffee and adrenaline. There is no rest for the weary at work.

This feeling of being busy for 8 hours a day is not normal for me. Typically, I have more down time than I'd like whereas the yesterday and today, I've had almost zero down time. I guess that means I am a productive worker who is earning my salary but it also means that my mind is squished full of details that some details are slipping out. And it also means that I feel too busy to even take a break. Like this morning for example, I got a cup of coffee first thing upon arrival and even though I was ready and wanted my 2nd cup of coffee by 8:20am, it was about 9:30am before I finally allowed myself to pause and refill my cup. And my lunch hour...what lunch hour?

All I want to do is to collapse on my couch and lose myself in a novel or with a good movie. But as there is no rest for the weary, I find myself facing youth group tonight and know that I won't be able to collapse until about 9pm. May the good Lord breathe energy into my mind and body, lest I faint, throw a temper tantrum, or starting banging my head on a wall while hanging out with the youth tonight.

I think I can, I think I can...

**Oh, I just talked my coworker...there is a chance she may not be in tomorrow...**whimper, whimper**

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