Friday, March 19

Craving Connections

I joined a new network community-connection site. This one has many similiar features to Facebook but is considerably simpler and only for people who are planning (hoping) to be missionaries with the Christian & Missionary Alliance denomination (which I'm a part of).

I find every once in a while that perusing these sites makes me feel lonely and isolated and disconnected, which is ironic because the whole point of them is to connect and network. But for me, on Facebook for example, I have over 300 friends and probably only 50 of those people live around me. The rest are connections from college, from ministry in Germany, and a few other random connections. However for most of the people, while I may be "friends" with them, I don't connect with them in a way that models or defines friendship. In fact, it is often when I looking over their pages, I find myself mourning for the friendship that was in the past or for the distance that separates us in the present. In those moments, it becomes obviously apparent that I am separated from many I love which makes me feel even more lonely, in the quietness of my apartment.

What I would love is for everyone I love and miss to come together for a weekend party, although if everyone came, a weekend would not be enough time. I want to chat, laugh, drink lots of coffee, re-acquaint ourselves with each other, share what God is doing, share our ups and downs, share memories, and laugh some more. I want my friends to become friends with each other. I want to see people from my Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and from the ends of the earth. I want to be completely exhausted from conversing, laughing, crying, rejoicing, and praying non-stop for a whole weekend.

Do you imagine that must be what Heaven will be like?
I sure hope so.

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