Saturday, March 20

All that is needed is a good night's sleep

**Update--Sleep helped and yes, God is more than enough.

It's days like this that are hard. Days like this when the fact that I am single is blantantly obvious and loneliness is my sole companion.

The last day or two, I have been missing my friends. And while I have friends around me here at home, my heart yearns for those who are far away.

I am someone who makes casual friends somewhat easily but deep cherished friendships are few. God has blessed me with at least one person from each place I've been but leaving them behind isn't easy. I usually try to console myself that God has given me this or that friendship for a season but during times like this, the past season doesn't feel like enough. Sparadoic emails or phone calls don't feel like enough.

And suddenly, my apartment no longer feels like solace but a cave. I'm here, alone, with no one to talk to, no one who cares, no one to understand/distract/listen to me. Yes, I know I could call half-a-dozen people who very much care about me. But they are not here now.

It sucks being 30 and single. I want so much more. And while I don't believe that a husband will solve my bouts of loneliness (or any other problem), there is a companionship, a friendship, a partnership that accompanies a marriage. A friendship that I would so love to lean on right now.

Instead, there is no one.
Except God.
Who should be enough.

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