Tuesday, March 9

Can you feel the love?

I work with three other people and that is all.

When I got to work today, the two guys were already there. I said good morning to which my boss replied, "You're here?!?...K. was hoping you'd stay home today!" (All because of my cold...I think.)

They made such a fuss this morning about me showing up to work that I finally assured them that by the afternoon, if I feel sluggish or icky, I would go home. That seemed to pacify them.

Well, this afternoon is here and I think I might end up leaving soon. However what made me just smile was that I sneezed twice and my coworker (the other lady) said, "oohh...sounds like you need to go home."

Geez Louise! I've never had such a low-tolerance job before. All my past bosses have been like "unless you are puking, you better show up!" Instead this job is all but kicking me out and locking the door behind me.

They crack me up.

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