Thursday, February 18

My Cute Grandparents

I have cute grandparents.

My grandparents are from Illinois and grew up on farms. They left the farms with three babes to try to make a life out in California, which they did. Anyhow during our visit, my sister and I wanted to hear more about their life back in Illinois...their life growing up and how they met.

As a side note, my grandma lives apart from my grandpa...she lives in a nursing home down the street because her health got to be more than my grandpa could manage.

According to my grandpa, back in the day he was driving around town with a friend and they happened to spot my grandma walking down the street. My grandpa said, "someone should be dating that cute red might as well be me!" And so he did and 63 years later, they still adore one another.

The same day we heard this story, we all went to visit grandma and we told her about how grandpa thought she was a cute red head. She chuckled. Then when we got to the part where my grandpa had asked her out, he said to her, "aren't you glad I did?" To which she responded, after not clearly hearing the story or question, "No."

Amy and I started laughing and laughing. It was a funny moment and was beautifully delivered. Although I would wager that even if my grandma had heard the story clearly, she is just sassy enough to have still answered in a way to have made us laugh.

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