Thursday, February 11

An interesting vacation...of sorts

My silence is due entirely to the fact that I am on vacation and at my grandparents' house. My grandparents do not have internet at their house. Or a DVD player. Or an answering machine. Or a coffee machine.

That's right...a vacation without coffee...
I want to say that it hasn't been affecting me but even as I write this, I'm wondering if that is true.

(As for the internet, we have to log into an unsecure internet connection from one of the neighbors, which means that I could lose at any time...which means that the longest I've had connection since being here has been a total of 30 minutes approximately. Lovely!)

Overall, my time with my grandparents has been good. My grandpa and grandma are my only remaining grandparents and are good for conversation...they're cute people. Plus, while their house may lack some elements that seem "normal" to me, the state of California, abounds in good eats, like In-N-Out Burgers and El Pollo Loco. In fact, my sister jokes that the only reasons to come down here is to eat and see my grandparents.

In addition to seeing my grandparents, my sister arranged a girls-family-dinner with my two aunts, three of my cousins, and one of my cousin's kids. It was nice. My family has always been somewhat disconnected, it feels, from our California family. I haven't grown up close to any of my relatives and that saddens I enjoyed the time we got to spend it laughing and chatting as adults and as family because it doesn't happen enough.

The only slump to this whole trip has been my internal system. I don't think it got the memo that I am going on vacation and this is a chance to relax. If anything it seems to think that it needs to get all high-maintenance on me, which hasn't been so great. On Tuesday, I was presented with diarhhea and vomiting. On Tuesday, Wednesday, and today, I have had migranes. And lastly, yesterday and today...constipation. I know this falls under "too much information" and I apologize for just putting it out there. But seriously! Either my body is out of whack from the lack of coffee, hormonal-girl issues, or too much sunlight and not enough grey clouds. Regardless, this isn't normal and not how I wanted to enjoy my vacation.

Thankfully, besides Tuesday, my body hasn't limited me from too much of the low-key excitement going on around here.

Well, I made it this far...I better not push my luck since my internet is bound to cut out sooner or later. I'll post again when coffee is flowing in my veins once more.

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