Thursday, January 14

A Called Life and Broken Heart


My heart is broken for the people of Haiti.

Everytime a natural disaster happens, my heart longs to go to those areas and help. I'm probably not trained medical experience/education, not strong enough for manual labor type things such as removing debris...but I could offer blankets, food, water. I could sit and cry with them. I could pray over them and hold their hands. And for all those things, I want to go.

But life has me here.

Not to make this all about me but if I could choose the ideal ministry for me, I would hop from country to country, with each natural disaster. I would want to help in their survival and in the rebuilding of their lives. And then move on when the next disaster hits somewhere else. It would be an incredibly hard emotional job...but it stems from the compassion that God has given me. Does such a job exist for someone like me? For this job, I would be willing to sell all of my possesion and live out a suitcase to be the hands and feet of Christ.

But Christ has me here.

And so, I pray endlessly. And I give. And I trust that joy will come in the morning for the people of Haiti.

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Debbi Hawney said...

Mindy I hear a passion in this blog that leads to a whole new area of ministry. I'd love for you to look into Red Cross Certification. I know Fred Breedlove is involved in this (I think!) Barry's cousin did it for years and LOVED it. Just for the fun of some research.
I love your heart and know you would be an amazing disaster relief minister. Hugs, Deb