Friday, December 18

Ways to Worship

A few months ago, one night at youth group, the youth pastor did a lesson on worship. He talked about 8 types of worship styles that are dependent on personalities. For example someone might worship God more intimately through nature or service or relationships. I found a quiz online, which I haven't tried but is supposed to reveal the dominant ways you worship God.

All our youth pastor did was review each of the styles. I immediately knew I was a Contemplative Worshiper. Contemplative worshipers "draw near to God through personal adoration and heartfelt devotion." I do this through regular reading the Bible, singing, and journaling/writing. This blog site has really expanded my insight into how I can worship through words and thoughts, which has been exciting and interesting.

In light of Christmas and in light of my own journey and desires, I've been thinking about Mary and Joseph, the parents of Jesus. God called Mary and chose to use her for His specific purposes. Because of her willingness, her life immediately changed; changes that she knew she'd face in light of the cultural risks/shame of being pregnant without a husband. God also chose Joseph by betrothing him to Mary and making him to be the type of man who wouldn't walk away from Mary, regardless of the cost to his reputation and career. Together, God used imperfect individuals to parent His only Son. Amazing! Mary and Joseph weren't anyone special...there wasn't anything that set them apart. They were just individuals who loved God and were willing to be used by God.


My name is Cait said...

I was Intellectual. Closely followed by Ethusiast and Comtemplative.
And they wonder why I love preaching and want to go to bible college? I love knowing the truth!!

Mindy said...

I took the test right after I made the post. I was highest on Contemplative and Enthusiast with Sensate close behind!