Thursday, December 17

Moving from one thing to the next

I had my car in the shop yesterday. Now it quietly purrs again instead of clicking. I like the lack of noise.

My coworker has been hard to work with this week. I think my coworker will be taking tomorrow off...I'm looking forward to a lack of noise.

I started exercising again, re-doing the same program I did over the summer. Last time it was evident in week 3 that I was too out of shape to follow the exact program. So my goal simply became about maintaining the number of work-out days/week and lengths of time, whether or not I ran/walked according to the plan. Since I'm in a little bit better shape than I was in July, I am going to try hard to maintain the plan altogether. So far on Monday and yesterday, I've exercised immediately after getting home from work, then ate dinner and started on my homework by 6:30pm. This has worked well for me thus far but there are some days when my stomach is growling sufficiently by the time I get home from we'll see how thing pan out on those days.

I mentioned last week that I was going to read Jane Eyre while I was off of school. I haven't finished it yet but am about half way done. Surprisingly, it's not as awful as I expected it...I've rather enjoyed reading it thus far. But I also know that I am not at the most maddening parts yet. I have next week off of school...I'm hoping to take advantage of the extra time by getting ahead on some school assignments but I'm also planning on taking some time to read more Jane Eyre.

Another goal for last week was to get caught up on my Bible reading...I'm about a month behind and a book behind. I should be in mid-Deuteronomy but am in mid-Numbers. Sadly, I didn't get caught up and now that school has started and I'm trying to incorporate exercise again, my time with God gets pushed off the priority list. Yuck...that's awful to say but actions reveal the heart of man, right? I need to find a way to have time with Him in my schedule. After all, He is the only One who can truly bring balance, joy, and meaning into my life.

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