Tuesday, December 8

Oh to Have Been the Woman

Oh to have been the woman
Chosen to be used
She who was no one special
From any other Jew

Yet God looked down
He called her name
From that day forward
Her life had changed

Despite her joy of being chosen
Her heart probably also felt fear
Would her family or man believe
An impossible story to hear

Her heart must have stirred
At the overwhelming thought
For in her womb was the child
Of whom the prophets taught

Tenderly she’d care for this growing babe
Holding him close, easing his pain
Yet did she grasp what his future held
To restore man to God, his destiny lain

For in her was a Savior
God became man
Many would reject him
Included in the plan

Oh to have been the woman
A mother to her Lord
She who was no one special
His life, for her, was poured.

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