Friday, October 30

Books on CD

My coworker travels a lot for work. Not to mention that he lives about 40 minutes away from the office, with no traffic. Therefore, he spends most of his driving time listening to books on CD/tapes. In fact it may very be that the only books he "reads" are the CDs but I can't confirm that for certain.

Anywho...around the time I was reading the The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society book, he was also listening to it on CD. He mentioned about how good of a story it was to listen to and how the readers did a great job. So I requested it from my local library and only finally got it about two days ago. I've been listening to the story on my way to work and home (about 20 minutes each way) and I tell you, it is delightful! I loved reading the book immensely but to hear the story makes me laugh, sympathize, and feel for the characters in a whole new way.

I think if I could develop a gift or choose a superpower, it would be the art of storytelling. I know a few people who have the gift of storytelling and being around them is always a delight because they have a way of making the mundane or normal seem humorous or impacting. They have a way of drawing people in. Yes, I'd choose that for a superpower.

Well, I stand by my recommendation of The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society book...whether you read it or hear it, it is enjoyable and heartwarming! The only bad thing is that it ends. Go pick up a copy today.

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