Thursday, September 17

Now I Remember

You know that one piece of clothing that hangs in your closest, waiting to be worn?

One day you look into your closest and see it hanging innocently and wonder why you haven't worn it for the longest time. You decide to spice up your wardrobe routine by reintroducing this item. You slip it on and are looks nice...why on earth did I stop wearing this?

Half through the day, if even, you've figured out why you stopped wearing it.

It lays weirds, it shifts or bunches, you always have to adjust it on yourself, it really does make your hips look bigger, doesn't matter what the reason is but you know as soon as you get home, this piece of clothing is coming off.

My problem at this point, is that I hang it back up in my closest for the next round of forgetfulness. Why do I do this?!? Maybe there's a masochistic side to my personality.

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