Wednesday, September 16

How do they do it?

One of my newer hobbies is to peruse blog sites. The sites that most commonly attract my attention are food blogs and mid-western ranch wives, who are a rare but amusing specimen.

I love food blogs because I tend to look for inspiration. What should I make next? or what looks fun to make? and what should I just read about because my waistline doesn't need me to make anything more?

It's the latter question that frequently runs through my head which leads me to wonder, how do those bloggers do it? They make all the beautiful desserts, appetizers and other such food yum-yums and post daily. Does this mean that they actually make these recipes daily? Do they actually eat everything they make or do they give food away? And how, someone tell me how, do they make all they delicious foods without expanding their waistlines or bottoms?

Okay, I know...everything in moderation and exercise. But seriously, if they do make these recipes daily, as they post them, that means in their homes is a continual conveyor belt of goodness. Maybe they run in place while making the works of art...maybe all food bloggers have a high metabolism (which means I won't be a food blogger any time soon)...or maybe all they do is cook and work out. At any rate, I'll keep drooling over the deliciousness that I read about.

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