Wednesday, July 1


It has become evident to me over the last year that the attribute of God that I love and need more than any other is His holiness. I love singing songs that declare "He is Holy!" I love reading Scriptures that talk about angels and saints singing "Holy, holy, holy is Lord God Almighty!" I want to be among those saints.

I read a book, I think (I say I think because I could have made it up), by Randy Alcorn about Christian believers going to Heaven. In the novel, the believers were given a new name and a special task. Work didn't stop just because they were in Heaven. I've thought about that since then (whether or not I made that up). I know what job I want.

I want to be a part of the choir that sings about God's holiness.

Why? Let me share why.

God is Holy because He is perfect, the Creator and Sustainer of all things, and has chosen to freely sacrifice His Son to pay for my own mistakes so I could have a life and a future with Him forever. If God was not Holy, He would not be worth following. He would not be worth spending thousands of dollars on a Master's degree for a job that will pay me little. He would not be worth spending years away from my family just so that I could share His love with others. If God were not Holy, then His Son's sacrifice means nothing, benefits me in no way, and gives me no future. If God were not Holy, the longing for God in my heart would cripple me until I would be hopeless. Futhermore my life, and the thousands of Christian believers before me, would be futile and meaningless. BUT! But God in His Holiness loved us, despite our flaws, mistakes, and ugliness that rears up every once in a while. He loved us before we even were. He saw our personalities and our futures and still wanted us to be a part of His life. And He, and only He, had the means to solve the sin-problem that we created...and He did it, even though it cost Him His Son. He is God...He could have easily wiped us out and started anew but He chose us.

He is a God worthy of praise, respect, adoration and love. He is a God to be followed, mimicked, and worshipped. He is a God that I want to follow, mimic and worship...all because He is Holy.

It is my genuine prayer that God will allow me have my dream role...but then again, He knows best. I can declare His Holiness whether I'm cooking (oh, that would be fun!) or painting (always wanted to learn new art skills) or taking out the garbage (garbage duty can't be too bad in Heaven, right?).

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