Friday, March 27

Thank-you-Jesus Moments

I love "Thank-you-Jesus!" moments. Little moments where I am surprised, delighted, or overwhelmed at how He provided for my needs. Let me share a recent moment:

I am working on my Master's degree, which is all on-line. My classes are only 7 weeks long and are geared for the working adult. Well, my next class starts Monday, March 30th and I was looking at the syllabus about a week ago just to see what I am heading into. In all my past classes, we have until midnight on Saturday or Sunday (as selected by the teacher) to submit all our homework for the week. This is important because I only have the weeknights and weekends to accomplish all my homework, since I work M-F, 8-5pm. Anyhow, on the syllabus for this next class, the deadline was 12 Noon on Saturdays...I about choked, cried, and went into cardiac arrest when I read that because that meant I needed to have all my homework done on Friday night essentially or wake up pretty darn early to finish by Noon on Saturday. Well, I decided to just ask the teacher if there was any way she'd graciously extend the cut off time until 11:59:59pm since 12 Noon just seemed so limiting. And guess what? She agreed!

This is a "huge" thank-you-Jesus moment for me.

As a side note, I'm going to try to regularly post "thank-you-Jesus" moments. I think its important to see Jesus in the little things of life and to recognize His work. Plus, it will be a good exercise for me to look for the little joys of life.

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