Wednesday, January 14

A Tale of Two Churches

Have I mentioned that I attend two churches?

Church #1--Grew up in this church and have attended for 20 years. I'm a member here, serve in AWANA, part of a young ladies group, attend morning service, etc, etc...

Church #2--I needed to observe a group for one of my classes, in Sept...I chose to observe the youth group here since its the same denomination as #1 and would be very easy to obtain information on me for liability sake, if needed! I haven't left. I am now regularly attending the youth group, attending morning service and am now part of a young ladies group here.

Yep, sounds busy! It is busy and sometimes chaotic. I now have twice as many church activities to consider.

#1 doesn't typically have Sunday evening programs to conflict with #2's youth services but it has happened a few times in the 4 months I've been around at #2. It feels a bit like a tug of war inside me...I'm commited to the youth group but #1 is my home church, my family...I want to participate in #1's events but feel guilty for missing youth group.

One of my new friends from #2 told me early on that she's not sure how long I can handle two churches...I'm starting to wonder this myself. This is not to imply anything but I am certainly in need of God's wisdom...especially for when school starts again next month.

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