Monday, January 12

Little Bits of Goodness

This weekend found me moody, sad, and tired (both sleepy tired and emotional tired). Saturday was the birthday of a dear friend of mine who died 6 months ago. Plus I joined a Bible Study group that now meets every Saturday morning at 9 am, which isn't super early but Saturday is really my only day to sleep in and not set my alarm clock. Plus, I was gone all day yesterday to do various activities. I'm a person who re-energizes by having quiet time at home...which really didn't happen this weekend.

Anyhow, at church on Sunday, I was moaning of my sorrowful state to a couple friends, who kindly sympathized with me. But something surprisingly happened after mood lifted and I ended up enjoying my Sunday afternoon, which I wasn't expecting to enjoy. My sister had planned a game party with a few friends and it ended up being fun, lighthearted, and chance to laugh. One cannot stay moody, sad, and tired when laughing with friends!

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