Saturday, March 1


For every situation there can be two points of view. Two sets of emotions.

I'm currently in Colorado going through a set of training. I am so grateful that I'm here. I'm learning a lot and I'm meeting many great folks. But it has also been tiring and emotional.

When I was in Mexico, there were days I loved what I was doing and where I was, and there were other days when I wanted to drive home to Washington.

Two thoughts. Two feelings. Both occasionally present at the same time. Paradox.

At this training, they have shared that paradox is normal. They used two rubber ducks (a pair of ducks...pair-a-duc...paradox, get it??). One duck was nice and shiny with a friendly happy face. This was the "yay duck!" Then there was the duck that had seen better days. It was messy and worn...this was the "yuck duck!"

We were encouraged to understand that wherever we go there will be good times (yay duck!) and bad times (yuck duck!). And both are okay. Moreover, whether it's a feeling or experience, it's good to validate both the highs and lows as they are a very real part of our experience.

And in that, there's grace. For yourself and for each other.

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Dianne said...

Oh so true, Mindy!! Thanks for sharing so honestly. :-)